Florida Elks Childrens Hospital
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The STAR of FIDELITY continues to burn!

The Florida Elks Childrens' Hospital

By their major project, Florida Elks are dedicated to quality orthopedic care for children.

Florida Elks Children's Hospital is located in Lake County, Florida, about one hour's drive northwest of Orlando. It is a convalescent- rehabilitation hospital for children under the age of 17.

The active attending staff is made up of orthopedic surgeons, and the hospital has available a consulting staff covering many medical and surgical specialties.

CMS surgeons and other surgeons from around the state refer many types of patients to the Elks Hospital for convalescence, evaluation, observation, special nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and traction.

The idea of an Elks Childrens' Home was conceived in 1931. Today, the charitable facility is the Major Project of the Florida State Elks Association. The Elks take pride that the funds used to build the modern facility came entirely from the private sector, primarily through the generosity of members and their ladies.