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Crazy Rick


BPOE 2787

Karaoke Nights

Karaoke on Saturdays is still going great!! All who participate are having a super time.

Sharon and Jim have been and continue to be a terrific asset to our Lodge as we take advantage of the talent and special abilities of both.

Crazy Rick is as crazy now as when you first met him (or, perhaps he has even improved since then); at least, he seems crazier sometimes.

Karaoke consists of talent ranging from professional quality to just plain fun. The comedic antics of Crazy Rick have us laughing to tears while not diminishing his serious talents. Sharon's talents are unsurpassed in our area; she is a delight to hear. And, Jim can do it all. He's the technician and a key performer as well.

Now, we need more resources so that we may build a most impressive Lodge to show off to ELKDOM! Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our building fund, we have the funds to begin construction. Now, we need you more than ever. We must landscape. We need three trees at least 8 feet tall and about three pallets of centipede sod. This is a bare minimum to meet the requirements set by the County. We also need 31 trusses at a cost of $3,100.00. We are initiating a "Buy a Truss" campaign to help offset this cost. If you would care to own a truss in our new building, please send a check to the Treasurer in the amount of $100.00. I will see that your name is on that truss. We thank you so much for your help. We will see that you get proper recognition for your benevolence. We need, too, volunteer labor and materials - anything you can think of to finish our new Lodge room.